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41 years ago this week…

The National Symposium of Perinatal Nursing August 2-5, 1979 Boston, Massachusetts This same week forty-one years ago, Symposia Medicus, in conjunction with St. Margaret’s Hospital for Women, held The National Symposium of Perinatal Nursing. Ten esteemed faculty members and numerous new and experienced nurses in the field of perinatology gathered together for this conference in […]

Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) Newsletter

Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)

Dr. Drew Ramsey, MD, psychiatrist and Symposia Medicus faculty member, discusses ADLs on his website’s April 13, 2020 newsletter: “Another important topic is ADLs. In medical speak, that’s Activities of Daily Living. Usually, the structure of our lives provides this. Dressing for work. Grabbing lunch with coworkers or friends. Going to bed on time so […]

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July Employee of the Month: Sarah Reagan

If you ever have the pleasure of walking into Sarah Reagan’s office at Symposia Medicus, you will see her collection of bobbleheads proudly displayed on the top tier of her bookcase.  But, they’re not just any bobbleheads.  They are San Francisco Giants players.  (Go Giants!)  Yes, Sarah is a big fan, and I mean big!  […]